Sunday 1 March 2009

Zyxomma petiolatum

Species Name: Zyxomma petiolatum
Family: Libellulidae


Two species of Zyxomma are quite commonly encountered but are rarely noticed because they are both crepuscular, i.e. they are active only when the sun has set and before sunrise. Z. petiolatum are less often seen or noticed because of its sombre brownish colour, unlike the male Z. obtusum which is covered in a "ghostly" white pruinescence that extents to its wings. 

The two Zyxomma species are very dissimilar, with obtusum being more "libellulid-shaped", while the petiolatum male has a long and very slender abdomen; the female's is somewhat thicker.

Both sexes are active from late afternoon to well into the evening and probably at dawn too as with obtusum, and are attracted to lights; the photos here are of specimens that flew into the house at night.


Said to be widespread in tropical Asia and Australasia.


Randy Emmitt said...

Stunning image! Glad I signed up for your feed! Doubt I'd ever been able to visit there, but in the mean time I'll visit via your camera.

合田學 (上坂眞信)  said...

オオメトンボ(Zyxomma petiolatum)、初めて見ました。

I watched オオメトンボ (Zyxomma petiolatum) for the first time.
In Japan, they seem to inhabit only the most southernmost extreme area.
It is a precious photograph.
I state sincere gratitude.

Dragonchaser said...

To Randy:
Ditto! I'll just make do with visiting your lovely garden with all its fascinating inhabitants via YOUR camera!