Saturday 13 September 2008

Xiphiagrion cynomelas

Species Name: Xiphiagrion cynomelas
Family: Coenagrionidae

This is another species of blue-coloured damselflies that are common in drains, lily ponds and stagnant bodies of water. They resemble Pseudagrion microcephalum but are smaller and both these species often share the same ponds. As with the latter species the male remained paired with the female while she lays her eggs onto water weeds and many pairs can be seen ovipositing en masse.

The male is blue on the sides of its thorax and black dorsally with two blue spots just behind the head, the abdomen is black tipped with blue. Females are similarly marked but dark olive instead of black as in the male. this dark area also lack blue spots.

Distribution: Borneo, Philippines, Indonesia.


spookydragonfly said...

Hi....I truly enjoyed your blog..I am am avid lover of damsels and dragons...I am just learning to try and identify them...not much luck!! Besides my regular blog...I have just started a I have many photos to still add. I'll be back to visit and learn!

Baker Watson said...

I can't believe I just ran across your blog. I've been capturing a few dragons and damsels myself around our pond and streams and have posted a few to my blog.

I found you through a link on Ecobirder's blog.

Nice captures and info you have here. I'll be back to check out some of the older posts when I have a bit more time.