Sunday, 12 December 2010

Trithemis aurora

Species name: Trithemis aurora
Family: Libellulidae

A whole year has passed since I last posted in this blog! I just can't believe how time passes so fast! Well, at least I still have one post in 2010. Hopefully more...

Male in all its splendour

The Crimson Dropwing is a common dragonfly of open ponds and drains. The male is brightly coloured - its whole body as well as the viens on its wings are bright pinkish crimson. Quite a sexy guy, who likes to show off his colours basking in the sun while assuming the obelisk posture! The female however is comparatively dull - she's light brownish.
Male in obelisk posture

Female doing handstand! What he can do so can she!

This is a widespread species with a geographic range that cover the whole of Asia.


Noushka said...

Thanks for coming by on my blog!
I hope you went through my Dragons too (Tagged: Odonata)!
We have Trithemis annulata but not T. Aurora! It is magnificent even if common where you are!
It great to see those dragons & damsels from around the word!
I hope to be soon in Australia for good and can't wait to discover what dragonflies they have!
I take picture with a minimum of interference and certainly do not catch them to tear them apart!!
I hope to see you soon again on my blog!
Cheers, Joe!

Antony Ratcliffe said...

Welcome back!
I'm new to following your blog and must admit forgot about it until this alert came up!
You have some amazingly vivid coloured Dragonflies there in Sabah? Hope to see more posts from you in the future and look forward to learning about new species.


matinggeckos said...

Welcome back!

Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...


Very interesting blog. Can you please identify this Dragonfly in my blog at

Thanks a lot :)

JRandSue said...

These are stunning images.

RWS said...

nice dragonflies collection

Dennis Farrell said...

Hi, Joe. Great blog and great photos! You have photographed some wonderful species. I am trying to photograph species in Thailand and hope to visit the Thai/Malaysia border in October. Hopefully I will spot one or two species for my blog!

ALI IQBAL said...

excellent work.