Saturday 22 March 2008

Libellago lineata

Species Name: Libellago lineata
Family: Chlorocyphidae
I have not seen this species in Borneo yet but as I have just taken some photos of this pretty damselfly in Kelantan (Peninsular Malaysia) I decide to feature it in this post. Photos - Top : Male
Bottom: Female
This species is described as common in lowlands streams and rivers and widespread throughout Asia - from China, Taiwan, India, and throughout Southeast Asia.

The male is beautifully marked with yellow-orange and black with white-stockinged legs which it displays during its courtship dance. The female is of a paler and more greenish colour.

I found them in a fast flowing stream in a young oil palm plantation near Gua Musang in Kelantan.


Jason Bugay Reyes said...

at last found someone from sabah who are interested with damselfly and dragonfly too hehehe :)

nice articles and pictures joe

Dragonchaser said...

Thanks horukuru, I thought you are only interested in birds and the bigger animals. BTW do you know the Kadazandusun term for dragonfly? I believe ppl in different areas have different name e.g. kuyu-kuyu in Tenghilan, K. Belud area.
Cheers, Joe.

JAC said...